Distract me please anyway you want

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by distractme, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. distractme

    distractme New Member

    HI Ive just joined, never joined a forum before. But its really quiet here, the boss has been off past 3 days, am sick of surfing and its so quiet here fancied a chat!

  2. Blueyes

    Blueyes Registered Member

    The boss has been off for 3 days and you're just now finding this place? lol welcome aboard. :)
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  3. distractme

    distractme New Member

    Ha! Well there is alot of joke sites, quiz sites, game sites plus friends emails to keep me occupied, but most of my mates have friday afternoon meetings today so am deserted! So how are you going to keep me entertained then?!
  4. Blueyes

    Blueyes Registered Member

    I didn't say I was going to but I'm sure there is plenty on here to fill that afternoon. Just one day away builds pages of stuff to read.
  5. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    I'll show you a shiny object.

    Enjoy the forum. Go find something you're interested in and post a thread or two. Be amaze at how fast the get posted in. :-o
  6. Unity

    Unity #AllTogetherNowSTL Staff Member

    haha I love your honesty in your username.
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  7. English-Emo-Boy

    English-Emo-Boy Supreme System Lord V.I.P. Lifetime

    Welcome Distract, be sure to stick around.

    Where are you from?
  8. Vegito728

    Vegito728 Registered Member

    Welcome to GF.
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