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Movies Disney's The Princess and the Frog


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Hmm, I made a thread earlier today ranting about Disney not making any 2S animated movies anymore, a style I think is in no way inferior to 3D.

After doing some digging I stumbled upon this new movie Disney is working on, in 2D of all things...

YouTube - OFFICIAL TEASER The Princess and The Frog

At first glance this does not appear to be the next Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, but hey at least it's 2D.

It looks more along the lines of a Shrek style comedy to me but one good thing I also read is that Disney plans to release one 2D animated movie every two years indefinitely. Hopefully they'll get back to the epics.


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Hi there.
Thanks for the teaser! I'm very excited for this movie...the first Disney animated movie in a few years now.
It is to be released into theaters December 11! Woohoo!


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It's also the first Disney cartoon to feature an African-American heroine.
Having recognized almost every other ethnic group (in "Aladdin," "Pocahontas," "Mulan," "Lilo and Stitch" and "The Hunchback of Notre
Dame"), it's about time.

On second thought, they seem to have slighted Hispanics .. even though
they made two movies about Latin America ("Saludos Amigos" and "The Three Caballeros") and the live-action TV series Zorro. Was there a
Hispanic girl in the animated movie "Atlantis: The Lost Empire"? I'm thinking that there was, but I'm not sure.
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A 2d film every 2 years that sounds great and yeah this does look like it is going to be a great comedy.

"How about a firm handshake" Just what you want to hear :hah: