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Movies Disney Announces The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3


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Disney Officially Announces The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 Are in the Works - IGN

I've been waiting for The Incredibles 2 for nearly 10 years at this point. I was beginning to think it may never come. A well done Pixar film seems to just bring out my inner child, I just love them for some reason.

I really am not feeling one way or the other about Cars 3. I never saw the second one (because I heard it wasn't all that great) so naturally I wouldn't be excited for the third one.


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I've never seen the first two Cars films, and have no intention of doing so. Therefore, a Cars 3 holds no interest for me.

As for an Incredibles sequel, I'm cautiously optimistic about this. I know that Pixar managed the near impossible with Toy Story and its followups, but I am worried about them still somehow managing to fumble this one. I love The Incredibles, and am not so certain that it even needs a sequel.


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The only one I have seen is the first one. I liked it but I'm not really into animated movies although I'll still watch cartoons geared more towards adults occasionally. I really doubt I'll be watching 2 or 3.


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I have not seen The Incredibles, I just was not interested.

I have only seen Cars, I haven't seen Cars 2.

I don't think I will be seeing either of these.


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It blows my mind that they waited this long to do a second Incredibles, that was easily one of the best movies they've ever done.