PlayStation 2 Disgaea

The lack of it in this forum should be criminal

Simply put, Disgaea is one of the best tactical RPGs out there, and not just counting the PS2. it mixes a great sense of wit, and self-referential humor with likable characters, and fun game play. I seriously recommend it to anyone here with a ps2
Here's the premise for the game: The main character is Laharl, son or the previous Overlord who dies by chocking on a black pretzel. The story is about his journey to become overlord.

The gameplay is pretty unique, even for a tactical RPG. And the storyline is really interesting, with just the right mix of wit, humor, and cheese. it has multiple ending, so there's plenty of replay value too.

here's a hint how addictive it is. I let my roommate play it a few weeks ago, he didn't stop for a week, and still plays it.


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Nice, I might have to wait on that, if I want to see day light ever again. I will have to look into. Thanks for the quick background on it.
alright, but the first is kinda hard to find, so if you plan on getting it eventually, I suggest sooner way better than later


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How does it compare to Baldur's Gate 2: Dark Alliance for PS2? That was my favorite RPG for PS2 and if this is up there I will probably love it.


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I got it a few weeks ago (the first one). I'd heard good things about it, but I decided to finish the other games I got first, I should probably start playing it properly (I did a couple of the tutorial chapters, but that's it), but I can't decide whether I should play this, or finish Final Fantasy XII. (It's probably end up as this, since FFXII has bored me to the point where I just can't be bothered finishing it...)