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Discrimination in the Catholic Church


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was curious on your thoughts about "possible discrimanation" in the Catholic church.

As you know, Gay people cannot get married in a catholic church, a women can't be ordained priests. Do you consider both of these discrimanations?


Yeah I consider it discrimination, I don't see any possible way that it couldn't be discrimination. Various forms of religion just seem to be excuses to discriminate against different people. Religion is one of the few things left in modern Western society that can still discriminate against women. But I suppose the Catholic Church itself isn't as bad as some other religions when it comes to this. Islam etc seems much worse when coming to discrimination against women/ gays.


I am the woolrus
Discrimination is always going to be a part of the Catholic church. I mean, growing up in a small village in Ireland you guys have no idea just how closed minded and ignorant the catholic church can be! Example: my family were pretty much excluded from the church, and in some ways from the community, because we were a single parent family! and yes, this was in the 1990's. It's crazy.

From what i've seen of the church, i don't think they're ever going to allow same sex marriages, or even female priests. I mean they don't even allow priests to have sex, which is a pretty necessary function for any warm blooded human being! Though even worse, right now the leader of the catholic church in the 21st century is against contraception, and preaches to all the african catholics out there that it doesn't prevent AIDS. So... it's not like the catholic church is a growing, multicultural, "think outside the box" type of organisation! We can't really expect much from it in terms of being accepting and understanding of differences in sexuality etc.

Although really.... i don't see why they should allow gay church marriages or female priests if they don't want to. This is what they believe in. As wrong as we think it may be, we don't really have a right (especially non catholics) to go up to pop benny and say "hey old timer, get with the times!" and force our views on him. He's following his beliefs, along with the beliefs of all the other key figures in his religion, and more importantly the beliefs of many of the followers of the religion, if not the majority.

We may not agree with it, and think it's discriminatory, but they have all the right in the world to be that discriminatory. It's completely their prerogative. if someone doens't like it, they can leave the church, but it's naive for anyone to expect the Catholic church to change the way it acts in order to appease them and their personal beliefs.