Discrete Mathematics


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The highest math that I've completed is College Algebra. I've never taken a Calculus or Pre-Calc class. I'm a Computer Science major and this class is a prerequisite for some of my later classes.

I'm working on my first chapter and I'm starting to realize that this is mathematics in a whole new ligth for me. I can find ways to apply it to every day logic and programming.

Does anyone who has had the course think that I should be working on calculus at the same time? I think I can work at my own pace for calculus side-by-side with discrete mathematics if it will help my understanding of the principals from discrete.


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From what I've heard, you generally shouldn't take two college math courses simultaneously unless you're a hard core math nerd. Even if the material's manageable, the homework gets to be too much.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I wasn't saying to take two courses at once. I was asking if I should do some independent calculus work and if it ties into discrete mathematics much.

Most of the people I went to school with have at least had pre-calc.


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I didn't find a connection between them to help me understand the discrete any better.

I personally couldn't grasp the discrete mathematics course, as much as I tried, I failed to understand it, the professor wasn't much of a help anyway, and so he didn't help me either.