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Natural or otherwise.

Which strikes you as the worst one/type of disaster? Perhaps you imagine being a victim caught up in it being utterly horrific...
Which past disaster strikes you as the worst to have occurred?
Which one(s) can you not help, but remember?

Why is there a fascination for certain people to know about them? I can understand it in terms of commemorating those that lost their lives, but to simply glean some sort of satisfaction of knowledge or whatever seems weird... It's like 'disaster' films. Why do they rake in so much income? Do we have some sort of desire for complete destruction?
Please elaborate if you have any theories, or ideas about this.

Discuss generally.


I suppose one that effects me on a personal level is bushfires. I live in a semi-rural area of Victoria, Australia and bushfires have always been a huge problem here. We didn't really have any this Summer, but previously it has been terrible.

I'm lucky enough to live in an area where no fires have directly hit my town but there have been huge ones close by which where scary. There's nothing like walking out and smelling smoke everywhere in the air, seeing a yellow/grey sky and a Sun that looks red through all the smoke... it's very eerie and sort of surreal.

It's also terrible just sitting there listening to the radio and watching the news of which towns have been hit, hoping that the fire doesn't move to areas that your friends and family live in. I remember one night listening to a talkback radio station with my Mum where a young woman (about 20) had called in from a house with about 12 people inside including children and the house was surrounded by fire. She had called the radio for help and no one could get to them at that time. As the night went on she got more and more distressed in the calls as the fire was getting closer and closer to the house with everyone still inside.

They eventually managed to all get out safely by I think putting everyone in a ute and covering everyone in wet blankets, having a hose at the front and literally driving through the fire as they had no other option. I had no relation to these people at all but listening to the radio that night was terrifying and really affected me. I'll never forget the desperation and fear in that girls voice.

While bushfires for me affect me on a personal because they are so close to home, I am also usually quite affected by floodings, cyclones etc and other "natural" disasters that effect Australia and our neighbouring countries. As well as world-wide disasters of course from all corners of the globe. I am always struck by them but naturally the ones that effect me the most are those close to home.

As far as why disaster movies are so popular, I think it has something to do with the 'sublime'. In the art world the word sublime often refers to the idea of something being truly destructive and horrific but at the same time you can't look away. A massive fire, a city being flooded or a building coming down from an act of terrorism are all scary/horrific/unbelievable, yet it's a spectacle, something we don't see everyday which would obviously attract our attentions. One of the biggest problems rescue workers have in some of these situations is getting through the traffic of onlookers in many of these situations. Almost everytime disaster strikes you can bet that hundreds of people from all over will travel to the site simply to observe what has happened. And can you blame them?
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Sally Twit
I always get upset when I see floods. The damage it can do to your possessions is really sad. And sometimes you even see houses under water or cars floating down the street.
I live a few miles away from a place that suffered a terrible flood a few years back and there was footage of things floating around inside people's homes. I would hate to go through that.


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Wildfires are very scary. We had quite a few of them last year and the thought of losing everything was real for once. I have been through floods and hurricanes and nothing compared to the fear I had about wildfires. Last year was my first experience with them and I would never want to experience that again. Luckily we were cleared and nothing got destroyed in my neighborhood but the neighborhood next to me had extensive damage.


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I'd say ones that devastate the most people (Earthquakes, tsunamis) are generally the worst.

Personally though, I'm most worried about something that takes the most without killing. If it destroyed everything I owned, maimed me, and left me suffering (and did the same to my friends and family) - that would be my nightmare scenario