Disability takes a punch


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I started getting SSI in 1995. I received mine in a few months because all the doctors signed the form with no problems. My first check was a hefty amount because they combined it for my regular check I would get and for waiting.

I didn't know that you can go to court to get SSI. It's hard to believe that a judge and a lawyer would cooperate to admit to scamming for SSI to get all this money. The sad part of this is a lot of innocent people that should be getting SSI isn't just because of this lawyer. If this had happened to me right now we would probably have to move out or do something else. It's not fair that the innocent lost their SSI benefits. They should have removed only the ones that don't really deserve it. The article said that the clients didn't know either. I guess it's because i feel sad for the guy who shot himself. He couldn't work for sure and I could understand why he did that.

I wish they could have found another free lawyer who they can trust to get them back their SSI. Sometimes you know the legal system is not fair. I guess that's a part of life.


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I feel for those that were really disabled and got their benefits cut off. Must be scary to be disabled and have that happen because of crooks. Especially the man that killed himself. Happy other attorney's have stepped up and are trying to help people get their benefits back.

I think the judge and lawyer should have received more time. Doesn't say if they have to repay SS, which they should.