Dirty Little Rabbits

Discussion in 'Music' started by wooly, May 25, 2010.

  1. wooly

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    Just started listening to this band and i think they're fantastic! Anyone else here a fan of them? It's the brainchild of Shawn (Clown) Crahan of Slipknot, but Dirty Little Rabbits couldn't be more different.

    I'd say they're a mix of Hole, No Doubt, Goldfrapp, Bjork and The Cranberries with some extra craziness thrown in for good measure! If you like those artists there's a good chance you'll like Dirty Little Rabbits

    Here's some of their stuff:

    YouTube - Dirty Little Rabbits - "Hello"

    YouTube - Dirty Little Rabbits-Happy

    YouTube - Dirty Little Rabbits - I'm so Beautiful [EP ver]

    My personal favourite is I'm So Beautiful. Awesome and crazy song!! They've only released EPs so far but their debut album is due out on July 7th. Can't wait! :D
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  2. Kibi

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    Good find :)

    They're deffinately a mix of Goldfrappe and No Doubt!! I can hear a bit of Hayley Williams from paramore aswell! I love it :) Deffinately one for the collection!

  3. wooly

    wooly I am the woolrus

    Glad you like em! :D I only cam across them today but i'm definitely a fan already!

    The first single from their upcoming album is on Youtube aswell which i only just found: YouTube - Dirty Little Rabbits - Professional Hit (Music video) 2010

    Probably the craziest song out of all of them! Even elements of Rage Against The Machine mixed in there. I love it! :D

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