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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


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It's a long story. So to really narrow it down to the specifics of the tale:

Went to bar.
Had some drinks.
Played some pool.

On the way home, I stopped at a convenience store with a friend to get deli food. (World famous Alsup's burritos.) Although my friend is fairly wealthy, I promised to buy his food since he's payed for my drinks many a times.

While standing in line, a Mexican guy ahead of me is trying to get a phone card and four dollars in gas. Unfortunately, his assumptions on the cost of the phone card (to Mexico, where I believe his family to me) were very inaccurate. He didn't have the money for it.

As he began to leave with his daughter, I called him back, bought him the $10 phone card with ten of my last fourteen dollars, cut my friend and my order down by one half, and sent the guy on his way north, to Fort Worth. Of course, we went a little hungry, although we could have gone to the house and came back to buy out the deli. (Laziness always prevails! Even in the wealthy.) So we just went home.

I could tell that my friend was disappointed in me for spending my money on a stranger like that, but that is in my natural nature! I have absolutely no money until Friday, again, but I feel like these deeds make up for being broke. Others around me seem to shun such a thing.

Do you ever do good deeds like this out of the wholesomeness of your own heart? If so, what do your friends think? When you wake up sober, do you still believe it was a good idea? (I'll answer that for myself tomorrow.)

Drunk or not, I believe in helping others when they can not help themselves, because I have been fortunate enough to run into people who care enough to become my friends and help me when other lifelong friends or family will not. Everyone needs help most of the time. I'm the guy that likes to be there when they do and I have the means to help them. This is what I live for.


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In this case, too bad to the Mexican bloke for not understanding the prices. While it leaves him ten bucks richer, leaves you ten bucks poorer till Friday. Stop and think of whether someone would have the decency and the heart to do this for you if you were in such a dire situation.

Be selfish.


Free Spirit
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It's good to help people as long as your not putting yourself in a bad position financially doing it. I have to wonder if this man would help you if the situation was different or if he was here illegally since you said he didn't understand our money. If he is here illegally what you did may be illegal. I do realize when a kid is involved its hard to turn your back.

I have helped people out before but only if its not going to leave me without funds. My friends usually don't say anything, it is my money so why should they care.