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Movies Director Killed in Crash


New Member
That IS sad. A Christmas Story has always been one of my favorite holiday movies, and as a kid in the 80's, I can remember laughing guiltily at Porky's as well.

I wish they would make it mandatory to have those safety devices on cars that won't allow the car to start unless the driver passes a breathalyzer test!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well, considering that last I heard those devices cost several thousand dollars to have installed I hardly think that's fair to those of us who do not drink and drive.

The easy alternative is make it mandatory after your first DUI. Nothing like a few thousand dollars in bills to make you think twice about drinking and driving.


New Member
One thing that is so strange to me and that I have always noticed is that it appears as though the drunk driver always walks away from it and the others are injured or killed. Why is that?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
There blood is thinner and they feel no pain. They don't tense up before the accident, and stay relaxed. When you tense up, which is a natural reaction by your sympathetic nervous system, it is actually harmful for your body because the stiffness in your joints and muscles causes more damage than if they were loose. A drunk's sympathetic nervous system is never activated, and they don't react and stay calmer, so they don't get as hurt.

Sucks, doesn't it?