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Dinosaurs, living now?


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
What if some dinosaurs are still alive today?

Cryptozoology, Living Dinosaurs, and Origins

According to this there are still dinosaurs living in Africa today, and they even have pictures. They are in the swamps where the natives won't hunt them because they are afraid of them, and they do not have adequate weapons.

Also check out this web site.

Mokele-Mbembe search living dinosaurs Dinosaur Embryos Uncovered

"Persistent reports of strange creatures in remote, swampy jungles of western Africa has led two scientists to believe that dinosaurs still may walk the Earth. Both historical reports from Westerners and firsthand accounts from natives indicate dinosaur-like creatures may exist today in a virtually unexplored jungle in the People’s Republic of the Congo, the researchers said yesterday. Dr. Roy Mackal, a research associate at the University of Chicago, said he believes the animals may be elephant-sized dinosaurs..."
The word dinosaur wasn't coined until 1864, before that date they used the word "dragon." This would explain why there are no stories of people slaying dinosaurs but there numerous stories of people slaying dragons.


Secret Agent
Staff member
That's interesting. I've always kind of wondered what types of reptiles were still lurking that might resemble dinosaurs. I don't think we'll see any T-Rex's roaming our cities soon but it would be cool if some real dinosaurs were discovered.

Even if they weren't found living, I'm still not 100% sure the preserved DNA theory in the book Jurassic Park couldn't actually work if a pure enough sample was recovered.


not a plastic bag
My first impression is this is the sort of thing that really gives Creation Science a bad name. There are a lot of creationist that are so eager to prove something that they stretch the truth. I am going to look over the site, but I am highly skeptical.


Well-Known Member
There have been many claims of huge reptiles being spotted in Africa in the rivers, I don't believe it though, the definition of dinosaur is big reptile or something like that, all they have to do is find a new species of a reptile that is much larger than the rest of them, so really we could be running around with little dinosaurs every day.


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
Actually the definition of a dinosaur is not "big reptile."
According to dictionary.com it is as follows
1.any chiefly terrestrial, herbivorous or carnivorous reptile of the extinct orders Saurischia and Ornithischia, from the Mesozoic Era, certain species of which are the largest known land animals.