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Amusing Dinosaur gases 'warmed the Earth'


aka ginger warlock
Source: BBC News

Giant dinosaurs could have warmed the planet with their flatulence, say researchers.

British scientists have calculated the methane output of sauropods, including the species known as Brontosaurus.

By scaling up the digestive wind of cows, they estimate that the population of dinosaurs - as a whole - produced 520 million tonnes of gas annually.
So the next time someone farts do not been mean or poke fun, thank them for making the planet a little warmer.

Seriously though it is quite amazing the idea that dinosaurs passing wind could increase the overall heat of the planet..


Registered Member
It doesn't surprise me. I've heard for a while that cow flatulence has more of an effect than humans do. Makes sense that other species would too.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Too bad we can't cap that well and burn it. It might solve the worlds energy problems.lol I have also heard this about cows.


Registered Member
Yeah, I even heard somewhere that cows produce more greenhouse gases than cars, but's that probably an overestimation. Although it would be great if we could use all that gas for energy production. That would be awesome....Just imagine cars being powered with ''wind power'' :D