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Sony Dino Crisis (PSX)


Problematic Shitlord
Did anyone else every play Dino Crisis 1 or 2 (the good one)? We'll ignore the third one, because it sucked hard. Like Monica Lewinsky hard. If you didn't know there was a third one, don't bother looking. Your life will only be tainted.

I still have and play Dino Crisis 2 because it was just plain awesome. It was developed by Capcom, our friendly Resident Evil makers, who really had a solid hit that didn't quite take off. Basically, it's Jurassic Park with sci-fi twists. I never completed the first one, so I think I may have missed out on certain plot pieces relevant to the 2nd game. I hope that a sequel is being made, because with the looks of RE4, a similar type of gameplay would make it simply amazing.

If you haven't played it and own a PS1/PS2, I suggest you find it because it is a true buried treasure. It was blinded by the shadow of sucktitude that was the first one.


It's deffinentally one of those great bargain bin finds. I would reccommend checking it out as well. Very fun game!


AKA Ass-Bandit
I prefer Dino Crisis 1 to the other two. Number one was good, and make me jump in several places when I first played it. I went through the game trying to kill most things I came across, and ended up with a severe lack of ammo towards the end of the game, which made the game more interesting, as well as harder. I liked the mix option, which really helped when trying to make a large med pack, or some tranq darts. Overall, it was a solid game, one which I spent quite some time playing, and some recently time reliving.

When Dino Crisis 2 came out, I was expecting more of the survival horror greatness the first one had - what I saw was more of an action game than a survival horror. There was no reall need to look after ammo, cause hey, all you need is to raise enough points and you can buy some more! While I liked it, I didn't think that it was as great as it's predecessor.

Halfway through last year I bought Dino Crisis 3, hoping that it lived up to the original. And why I find it somewhat tolerable, I'm still thinking "What the crap?" Dino Crisis 3 completely ignored it's origins and was completely action. Ammo, once again, doesn't need to be worried about cause you have a gun with infinate ammo for christ sake. Sure, at some points you may want to use the laser ammo or the wide shot ammo, but once those run out there's no need to panic because of your infinate ammo Heavy Vulcan.

If there ever will be a Dino Crisis 4, I won't be getting my hopes up - unless it returns to its origins as a survival horror game, and improves on the first one, I reckon it's just going to be a half-baked action game.

Capcom, you hath upset me greatly.


Problematic Shitlord
I'll have to buy DC1 and play through to the end. One part I remember was trying to kill the T-Rex (I was 13, that golden age of logic and reason) when I most likely wasn't supposed to and kept dying.


Forum Drifter
Oh man, I remember when Dino Crisis 1 came out. My friend rented it and we stayed up all night playing it. That game was so scary lol. It was awesome.

The others sucked...