Dinner Reservations


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When you go out to eat, do you make dinner reservations? I do. Last Friday, I made a reservation at a restaurant. My brother and I went to the restaurant and some guy was swearing at the cashiers and manager cause they couldn't get seats. So when we were seated, the guy was even more upset that we got a table and he was even more upset and was swearing at the manager.
We tend to only go to a few restaurants we're familiar with, so know when they will be busy and when they won't. So we only book when it's going to be busy. :)


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Only in a couple of the restaurants downtown around where I work because you can't get a table without a reservation.


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When the party itself is 5 or more people then yeah I call ahead, but when its under that at some of our standard places we know when the best time is to beat the crowd and usually managed to stay inside a 15 minute wait at the worst.

Then of course there are the restaurants where you dont have much of a choice but to make a reservation, obviously in those cases I have... usually about a Week in advance.


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I like to make reservations when I can, but it seems that most of the places around here don't accept them anymore, except for larger groups of people. A lot of them do have "call ahead" seating, but most of the time you end up waiting just as long as you would have anyways, so it's pretty pointless.


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I go to restaurants like Applebees and Red Lobster. Unless it's a super fancy restaurant, or if we have a large group, I just show up ready to eat :)

Otherwise we will call in advance for a large group.


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My parents usually make reservations when I go out to eat with the family. Usually we get seated right away, even when it's crowded.


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Not usually. With the family or a larger group I call ahead. Most of them just have call ahead seating around where I live.


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If it's something like my girlfriend and I going out to eat then yeah I try to, but not if it's a casual place like Chili's or something.


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I do most of the time when it's a fancy restaurant where a lot of people go to (lines outside), when they require it, or when I don't want to be bothered with having to look for another restaurant while with a visiting friend. There are also some restaurants here, inside a club, where you can get screened at the door (by bouncers) and a restaurant reservation could be you only guarantee to get in.