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Dinner Party - with the stars


Registered Member
You are throwing a dinner party.
You got ten guests to cater for.
No guest is allowed to have the same dish as another guest. And all guests will have to finish whatever you give them.
No guest is allowed to have the same drink as another guest. And all guests will have to consume at least for servings of this drink.

Guests can be more or less anyone, although I'd like to see at least 5 famous/historical people at your table, and 1 guest out of some sort of fictional material.

Who comes?
What food do you feed each guest?
What drink will they be swilling down?
And are there any special stipulations or circumstances or things for certain guests? Seating arrangements, special things at their seating place, special tasks for them (condiment passer or whatever)? What you reckon?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
My guest are as follows:

-Babe Ruth
-Lou Gehrig
-Marilyn Monroe
-George Washington
-Jacque Cartier
-Bruce Wayne
-Bill Russell
-Martin Luther King
-Albert Einstein
-John Lennon

Babe Ruth will have Hot Dogs for dinner, Beer to drink
Lou Gehrig will have Chicken with Rice, water to drink
Marilyn Monroe will some sort of pasta, glass of scotch
George Washington will have fish, with red wine
Jacque Cartier will eat deer, with some whiskey
Bruce Wayne will have Turkey with Vegetable, and will have Tonic Water
Bill Russell will have Lamb with Potatoes, Pepsi to drink
Martin Luther King will have Duck with Salad, Coke to drink
Albert Einstein will have Hamburgers, with Vodka Cranberry
John Lennon will have Soup, withCeasar to drink.


Creeping On You
This isn't too too hard lol

I want these people.

John Lennon will be eating perogies and drinking mountain dew. Because I know a lot of UK'ers don't eat perogies, and I think Lennon would have dranken mountain dew if he were alive

Ozzy Osbourne will be eating stewed rabbit with a side of mashed potatoes and string beans. He'll definitely be drinking straight whiskey. That just seems like something he'd do.

Colin Hay. I want him to eat a bowl of shreddies, and drink coca cola. I don't want him getting drunk or his voice will sound shit, and I want him eating shreddies so he stays healthy.

My Grandfather. He's a rye drinker, but since that's taken, he'll drink pepsi instead. He seems to like pepsi for some wierd reason. He'll be eating some of his freshly caught northern pike, roasted the way he likes it. my grandma makes it awesome.

President Obama will eat cyanide laced pork chops. There will be just plain water for him to drink, should he last that long.

Prime Minister Harper. See above but replace cyanide with arsenic, and water with milk. Time for leadership change in the two super powers!

Mel Gibson. Some nice scottish Ale. And a leg of lamb.

Chuck Norris. Does it matter what I pick? Chuck norris eats and drinks whatever he wants.

Steven Segall. He'll drink a fine vodka tonic and eat a few sprigs of parsley.

Jackie Chan will eat rice and drink soco


Well-Known Member
My guests would be:
Marilyn Manson
The Rev
Synyster Gates
Zacky Vengeance
Johnny Christ
Kat Von D
David Draiman
Dita Von Teese
Lady Gaga (purely to see how fucked up she is in person)

I don't really care what each would be eating, but there would be plenty of drinking, so a lot of beer, wine, vodka and absinthe to keep things going.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Tim Tebow
John Muir
Chris McCandless
Bob Marley
Master Chief
Tony Soprano
Ansel Adams
Elin Nordegren
Candace Bailey

I would like to invite more females, but I had a hard time thinking of any interesting ones.

And I don't really know what I would serve each one either.


aka ginger warlock
I haven't been asked to bump this but it was a subject I wanted to bring up so did a search and found it so I thought what the hell :)

So following on from HeS who would you invite? I may not have a full ten but will come up with as many as possible:

Eddie Izzard
Derren Brown
Bill Bailey
Phil Jupiters
Jerry Seinfeld
Kevin Spacey
Kevin Smith
Hugh Laurie
Stephen Fry
Rick Mayell