PlayStation 3 Dilemma

Alright, so I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I get paid every two weeks, however, I only allow myself to buy one game a month right now. However, two games are coming out (Or have come out) this month that I am dying to buy. One of the games was one of the deciding factors over the 360.

Now I've got to know; which one should I get? Mlb the Show '10 or FF13 ?

It's such a difficult decision, what would you do? (Oh and if you have any other games to suggest throw them out, besides Uncharted 2, I hear that one all the time. Haha. (I have Dragon Age, Uncharted, Madden 10, LBP)


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I would say get MLB the show. I'm guessing it's a sports game, and these come out every year, so the longer that one waits, the less popular playability it is...since there will be an 11 (I guess this only matters if you play MP). FF13 will probably be one of those games that you can play, over and over again.


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I have MLB the Show 2009 and I cannot put it down STILL and I've had it almost a year. I am biased being a huge baseball fan but I think getting 2010 is a must.


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Comments above pretty much say it all.

I can only assume that, if MLB is a sports game, that you will probably get more out of it for being a quick, repetitive fix. FF13 is a seriously long haul, so unless you like lots of FMV cutscenes, go for the former...

...or GoW3.
God of War 3 (if you've played the first two, and even if you haven't), and then FFXIII, I would have no interest in MLB, but that's because I don't like baseball. Haha.


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I know you already got the Show 'cause I see you playing it all the time now :hah:

Dude one game a month? lol holy hell I can hardly afford one game every 3 months :hah:

I've got a few on my list that I'll be getting very soon... God of War III being the very top of my upcoming list.

With you off playing FF... that'll be a good time to take care of God of War III.... then we shall MAG again when the DLC Comes back out.

Yeah I broke down and bought both of them hahaha. I *might* be getting GoW3 and Heavy Rain for my birthday as well. I have a lot of gaming to do.
Well my girlfriend is insisting that she's going to get it for me for my birthday in a week, so I'll wait and see. I think I'll have my hands full with FF13 and MLB the Show either way ha.
It'll be a nice B-day present. And good news for you, it's a pretty short game. You may be able to sneak it in one night between those games. Ha.