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Digitally Perfected Music

Your thoughts on digitally perfected music?

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Do you like music that has been touched up digitally to the point of sounding almost perfect in every way or would you rather listen to a more garage band or indy sound?

I tend to prefer the fake stuff. Sure it's fake and we all know it's fake. We can tell when we see these people in concert. They can't sing half the time and they don't sound anything like they do on the CD.

The thing is I'd rather listen to music that sounds good than music that sounds amateurish. I don't care if they sound good in concert. I bought the CD because I want to listen to the CD, not necessarily go to their concerts.


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I prefer my music live all the time, if I can find a bands live CD/DVD I will get it just because I prefer it if they sound good live rather than studio digitally enhanced.


yellow 4!
I don't like live music unless the band is really really good. I'm talking my all-time favourites kind of good. Aside from that, it doesn't have to be too 'perfect' but I can see where you're coming from. I often download live music by mistake and really don't like it compared to the studio version. But that's just regarding listening to it at home.. live at a concert is miles better than a perfected recording.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Depends. If I'm buying a live album I'd rather hear it as is. If it's a studio album sometimes it sounds better if it's digitally perfected.


Sally Twit
I don't like listening to live music. The screaming ruins it for me. I love listening to the studio versions unless I'm listening to a live concert where I was actually there.


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I agree with Hybrix. I listen to music for how it sounds, not some sense of authenticity.


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I like listening to the studio versions of albums, but I don't like them to sound too perfect. There is a certain edge to the music when it isn't completely digitally enhanced that just makes it sound better to me. Live performances on CD suck in my opinion. Even if the band is amazing live, the fans screaming ruins it. It's okay if you are actually at the live performance because it adds to the atmosphere.


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One thing I liked about bands in their earlier age like Blink, New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, Mest, Sum 41, Green Day, etc, is that their albums weren't perfect. They had a nice disoriented sound to them. I liked this because it really helped keep the punk base that they were founded on. Take these bands and listen to their newer stuff and it is much cleaner and perfected. This is due to experience and fame. (Better labels signing them on.)

YouTube - Blink 182-Wasting Time

YouTube - Blink 182-Go with lyrics
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Mark ov teh Pond
I'm ambivalent on the whole thing. I don't like live albums, but have downloaded them. For me to truly enjoy a live album I'd have to do something I don't do often, and that is consume alcohol. It lets all the distortion and screaming sound slightly better. Then again, I've heard live albums from certain bands that do sound better than studio releases.

For me; rock, metal, punk, all those genres can sound good live when you got a nice buzz going. Classical music though, like piano and concertos sound extravagant live. Mostly due to the composer and quieter setting.

Alas, I can only count with one hand how many live performances I have actually enjoyed.


The Rock is cooking atm..
For the most part most music doesn't sound as good live imo, so I really do prefer the studio versions over all of them.

Seeing them live is a different story, but for listening pleasure, digitally enhanced isn't so bad.
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