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Who watched this series? It was a pretty good anime, although it's slandered by pokemon fans who are like "LEIK NU WAI POKEYMANZ AR BETTUR LUCARIO CAN BLOW UP THE WHOLE UNIVEERSE!"


I liked Seasons 1 and 2 the best, although I have to give credit to #5 for having a wide variety of Digimon, even if it was cheaply done.


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Digimon was lame.

I remember seeing it thinking, "Awesome, something like Pokemon!" but I was sorely mistaken. Even now that I look back beyond my childhood bias during the time, it really wasn't that entertaining. It was simply a poor mockery of Pokemon.

But to each his own.


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Alright here is my 2 cents:
I like digimon because it is more mature aka people can actually die also the main characters actually get hurt and do stuff.
Pokemon is better because it had better games... oh yea and a better card games as well. Thats about it


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Sorry Henskie, I'm with Mal. Calling it mature because people die is lame. Both shows were childish and besides, Pokemon had a slightly younger target audience, so why would they bother with something as difficult to explain as death?


Demon King/Sith Warrior
The digimon anime is better, but the digimon games sucked balls. Pokemon is just annoyingly repetetive and cheesy. Plus in digimon the fighting scenes are better and the digimon all have the potential to become really strong unlike in pokemon (unless you hack your pokemon like ash did). Also, pokemon anime is one hell of a lot more lame than digimon. "Oh no I lost the pokemon battle! Now nothing happens! WAHHHH!" WHO GIVES A FUCK HE CAN TRY AGAIN! In digimon, battles are actually important BECAUSE there's something at stake. Why should you watch a pokemon battle if you know that nothing's gonna happen if someone loses????

Digimon isn't really more mature, but with more important plot-lines and more bad ass enemies, it's a "darker" anime than pokemon. Pokemon was a rip-off of Plawres Sanshiro anyway. Even the characters were copied off. Ash even looks distinctly similar to the main character in the way that he releases whatever he's trying to call out.
Digimon is also more original because; well, digimon aren't fricken CARTOON ANIMALS LIKE POKEMON ARE!
Monsters/demons/machine warriors>cartoon animals with slight edits