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Hey we got any digimon fans out there? I love the show. But I have to say my favorite season ws the first one. I always thought they were a lot better than pokemon. So, what do you think of the show and what is your fav season?


Ms. Malone
First and second series were cool cause the second followed the first...but the third one sucked.


OK other then waht your fav series was what was your fav character? Mine is Matt. And probaly Rika and Koji from the other series.


my favorite one was the one with the pink thing and the small monsters that were eggs at first. i'm not sure which one it was though.


yeah season one pwned all .. then it went down from there each being worse, but tno bad .. i hated season 4, but i liked season 3 a little ....... i really cant remember much as of characters, its been a while... maybeit requires another downloading


The Super Pimp of GF
I am torn between season 1 and season 3 I think I like season 1 because it was new and season 3 because it incorporated some stragedy in battling because the owner of the digimon actually did something


Let me be honest I am so obsessed about Digimon I must be the number 1 fan there is lol. I know a lot about Digimon all of my friends say i should be their nest creator. Currently I am writing my own Digimon fanfiction novel but that's to know about later on. My favortie season of them all was Season 3 because it was the darkest season, the tamers actually did something, it was more realistic, more dramatic, more thrilling, and more entertaining. Now don't get me wrong Season 1 is a classic and I love it. Season 2to me was the worst, worse than season 4. Season 2 yes did explain a lot from season 1 but they aignored the orginal cast, DNA digivolution was not needed becasue Paildramon was Veemon's actual Ultimate Level, Shakkuomon was Armadillomon's actual Ultimate, and Silphymon was Hawkmon's. Yes I know she has some of Gatomon's aprts but that doesn't mean it is Gatomon too. To me season 2 did not explain as much as it should have since it left out some of the most important secrets of all: that Season 1 and Season 3 connect with each other. Yeah Season 1 and 3 are two missing worlds between one another. The character Ryo with Cyberdramon was actuallt Ken's best friend the kid you see in Digimon The Movie and in Ken's flashbacks. The story is long to explain but if u guys want me to tell the story ill post a different topic. My fav character of all is definity is Mimi and Joe from 1 and 2, Cody from 2, Ryo from 3, and Tommy from 4. With season 5 coming soon let's hope America releases it here. The seasonis called Digimon Savers.
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