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Digimon Savers Season 5 Announced



For those who do not know at all DIgimon Season 5 Savers has been announced to play on April 2 which I believe is on a Sunday. The summary, Charracter analysis, and plot has already been announced in manu of the Digimon fansites so go check it out. Just by looking at it it kind of reminds me of Season3 Tamers for some reason. As soon as you check it out post here on your opinions, ideas, concerns, etc. as long as you keep it clean. I really am excited about it but there is a chance America will not release it here so I need help to make a petition to convince Amerca to release it here. Supposedly there are to be only 7 seasons of Digimon but it wouldn't hurt to at least make 10. Let's come together to breing back Digimon (not that it died but more like it was on standby for a while). Digimon rocks!


The Super Pimp of GF
thats very interesting I was wondering if there was going to be a 5th season. I heard there wasn't going to be one and it was just a rumor but are you sure that this is true? Has it been confirmed on any official sites?
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