Digg Labs: A Glimpse of Real-Time Possibilites on The Web

Published: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 04:30:05 GMT

After I received an email from Kendall of The Wharton School I looked at the new services on Digg Labs. He described them as offering a glimpse at the possibilities to deliver a real-time experience to the web. As I look at both stack and swarm I think he's right. it could be a very big 1st step in the evolution of how we interact on the web.



Anyone who uses digg.com should check this out. I checked it out and was really amazed at how it shows users "digging" articles and news in real time. Happens really fast, gives you an idea at what rate information is being exchaged around the web, and at what rate people are interacting with eachother and web sites.