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- Diderot Reborn -
If Christians chucked a muslim statue/symbol away, would they be happy.

Most dull video ever. I can't believe I watched it.
I'd like to think your Neg comment on this video was more eloquent:

I don't doubt you're an okay guy, but that was one seriously shite video, and very offencive.
And I have to say that I agree with you, fully. I would not dare attempt to disrepute that statement.

I really AM an okay guy!


For a Free Scotland
I have to say 32 year-olds that send misspelled internet criticism to teenagers makes me chuckle.


- Diderot Reborn -
seriously, it was a ten minute long video and you're pissed over me throwing a $5 plastic toy? if it makes you feel any better, the joke had nothing to do with Jesus himself, and everything to do with the toy, which was given to me as a gag-gift. the Jesus-Chuck was a jibe at the guy who gave it to me, not Christians.

in other news, 32-year-olds who send misspelled internet criticism to teenagers make me ROFLMAO.