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Different video games genre


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There's some video game genres that we haven't seen in a really long time, which one(s) would you like to see come back?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Could you give some examples? I'm having a hard time thinking of any genres that are no longer a thing.


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Here's something I found:

and a link:

According to this, text adventure, run-n-gun, tactical RPGs, flight simulators and maze games are the least popular nowadays.

I think it'd be cool to have a new text adventure game. I dunno how popular it would get.. There probably are newer ones I don't know of.

Run-n-gun seems like a Geometry Wars style game, so those aren't too dead.

Not really sure what Tactical RPGs are.

I don't have much of an opinion on flight sims and maze games. They seem to be added into other games when necessary.


Funnily enough, I played a text-based game just recently. It was a fan made game, kind of a "spin-off" type thing of a major game series. It's been quite popular, I wouldn't be surprised if more text based games were released.


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Light-Gun games like NES's "Hogan's Alley".

Semi-RPG/sidescrolling games like SNES's Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Basically anything 2-player co-op like the formerly mentioned game, plus stuff like Perfect Dark's co-op mission mode, and also extensions of previous games that SHOULD have had more options for it but didn't, like the original SNES Super Mario Kart that should have had a 4 player GP mode (not just battle).

I'm way more interested in fixing outrageously missed opportunities in old games than anything new.

Also, a great hack of NHLPA 93 with all current teams, rosters, and realistic ability levels would be awesome.

I also think they should make an updated version of "Little League Baseball Championship Series" that plays similar to the original but with a great deal of added features (graphics only one of them, mostly maximizing the already great defense and pitching and overall play control). We need a really good little league baseball game for the modern era.

Also, there needs to be a way to engineer a game like NHL games (NHL 99 being one of them) where you can PLAY in "Overhead 2" mode for max visibility, but then re-watch the ENTIRE GAME in a different angle like "Broadcast" mode, so it's like a TV telecast and more convenient for recording. That combined with expertly crafted editing features would be like heaven to me.