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Different songs for different activities


Sally Twit
Are there certain songs you listen to when you're doing certain things?
Cleaning, working out, relaxing, etc.

I listen to the same songs on my way to work every single day. The songs I play will change maybe once a month. But for that month I will always listen to the same songs.

At the moment it's The Beatles:
It Won't Be Long
Let It Be
Drive My Car

If I haven't reached work after those songs I'll press shuffle. :D


Well-Known Member
I don't really have songs for particular activities, i'm more of a songs for different moods kinda person. But I do find I have music I listen to on the bus more than any other time. My ride to work music at the moment is Bullet For My Valentine, and my way home from music is Children of Bodom. Can't really pick out particular songs as I listen to entire albums.


aka ginger warlock
I tried something different this morning. For the first time ever I had classical music on my ipod and was listening to it on my way into work, it was odd but it was actually very enjoyable and I think I will be doing it more often if I need to be calmed down. Whatever works has gotta be a good thing.


Creeping On You
No, I listen to whatever whenever. I just have everything in one placelist, and I put it on shuffle. 14,000 songs means I rarely hear a two songs by the same artist in a row.