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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
On previous forums I became somewhat infamous for knowing that I was overweight. Any of you that know me know this is a pretty sensitive subject.

Well, I lost thirty pounds recently. I didn't change my diet or get much more exercise. It's all done by my mind.

Now, this isn't for everyone. But I reccomend trying it in more than just weight loss, also. I managed to speed up my own metabolism by focusing myself so much that I gained control over most of the functions of my mind. So much so that I can slow and increase my heart rate with time and practice. In another topic I'll share my ways of meditation.

What I'm trying to say is that weight loss really is in your mind. I eat at least two meals a day, have a candy bar, and normally fast food every other (and sometimes every) day. I pride myself on my ability not to lie, so I can gaurentee you that I'm not BSing anyone. If you'd like to hear my meditation habits, please ask. I'll be more than willing to share.


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Interesting post. I've often wondered if its possible to affect your metabolism by means other than exercise, which I have to admit is not my favorite leisure activity.

I'd be interested in how you achieved such an impressive feat. Good going. Are the methods continuing to work or have you reached the weight you want to be?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't see it as a major change, as I haven't lost a good portion of my weight. Currently I hover around 245 lbs, which is the smallest I've been since grade school. I'm going to start using freeweights and running to boost it even further.

They did work to a certain point, but I belive that I either need to train my mind better, or start assisting with actual exercise (whcih I'm going to do). it's going to be interesting to see how quickly this changes my body as compared to a friend who is using exclusively a Bowflex and taking Creatine (I prefer no addatives to my body to work out). So i'm going to continue training my mind every night in hopes that the small trent starts to grow, and I actually do see even more significant gains in my metabolism.


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Well, you can gain your natural weight by eating right and exercising.

Eating right means eating as less processed food as possible. This means no candybars, snacks. Another moment is to eat whole foods: soup, porridge, vegetables, salads, etc. Try to eat only when you really want to, not just out of a whim.

Running is great for losing weight, but you still need to make effort (i.e. at least 30 mins). Of course, you'll need to run at least 3 times a week to make noticeable progress.

As you are running, I'd advise varying the kinds of training runs you have. Have short and fast runs, medium runs or long runs. Practice fartlek (yes, its a running method - search for it online).

Freeweight won't get you significant weight loss, but will get you more muscles. Extra fat (let's be real) is burned after an extensive prolonged exercise, so running (or any other repetitive-motion exercise) is the way to go.


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One of my friend had the same Problem and she tried Mind-body techniques which offered her a powerful set of strategies to lose weight easily. It is not only possible to reduce weight through Physical exercises but also through meditation Programmes too...and you have stood as an example for it. Keep it up!


I think what you are doing is an effective way of losing weight. Combining excercise with a change in diet and, as you said, learning to speed up your matabolism is great. Also, it's good to be conscious of the movement that you do (walking, lifting things), and be aware of what muscles you are using and remember that that in itself burns energy. Good luck!:D


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Gaining and losing weight by using your mind.....being able to control your pulse without moving.....
Maybe I'm being too scepticle, but its sounds like you just rendered obsolete the entire field of sports science.


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Most of what we accomplish has to be done in our minds first. As long as we have the mindset "I can't do this" or "this is too hard", we're setting ourselves up for defeat. It sounds like you flipped the switch in your brain to "I CAN do this" and the rest is history.


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Long, I know

I am also overweight and the smallest I've been for a long time....I just recently figured out why I was always overweight and why nothing worked for me (I tried adkins (was on the intro period of like 20 carbs for like 3 months and I didn't lose ANYTHING and almost killed a few people in the process), and slimfast and at one point I even starved myself for a couple weeks. Lost nothing.) The doctors kept trying to send me to a fat camp. They kept listening to what I ate on a daily basis (drank a slimfast for breakfast, a pbj for lunch with a fruit and milk, and for dinner if was a meat, a veggie to three, and water) and couldn't understand what was wrong. It pissed me off because they thought I would just sit on my butt and do nothing. I've never been that way. I'm ADHD. How COULD I be that way??
I did soccer in middle school. I wanted so badly to lose weight that when we ran for practices I'd run so much and so hard that I'd get dizzy and nearly pass out. Lost nothing. I did technical theatre in high school which requires constant movement...I was running, walking, jogging, lifting, painting, running up and down three flights of stairs, always sweating. Lost nothing. Doctors said that it must be what I was eating. And to stop snacking. I wasn't snacking. No one would listen.
I got sent to a gyno recently because of irregularities in menstrual pattern. As in...I wasn't. For 8/9 months at a time. My doctor spazzed and sent me there, where I was put on birth control to treat it. My doctor mentioned a condition, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I looked it up. And now I want to smack every doctor who was ever looked down on me.
PCOS messes with your entire endocrine system. My mother was borderline diabetic when she was pregnant with me, and I was an 11 pound baby. My body produces too much insulin. Insulin is what processes your sugars. My body resisted insulin because I had too much.
My body was constantly in crisis mode. Basically, my body thinks it's starving to death. So it takes EVERYTHING I ingest and turn it into fat. And stores it. In lieu of burning those precious fat stores when I run, my body burns proteins instead. Which is why I'd get so lightheaded.
I'm now on medication for it, which is helping my body to regulate itself. I'm in the process of configuring an exercise plan of some sort to get me going again (since I can't find my DDR game...*growl*) and I meditate.
I'm VERY interested in the speeding up the metabolism by meditating. I'd love to know! Do tell! =D