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Diet or Be Happy?


New Member
Well I'm sure this isn't a topic you always hear about but what do you think about all this dieting talk that's going about?

Do you think it's all for nothing, and we should just be happy eating what we want, or is it important to watch out wait?

Personally I don't care so long as you're happy :p


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well everybody gets to choose their own eating and exercise styles. I'd rather be in shape and eat less good food than be overweight.

I run and workout pretty regularly and it's rarely something I look forward to. I just do it because I find it worthwhile later on.


what? no pink?
I feel the same way, I used to say "well I'll eat what I want and be happy" but not anymore, since being fat doesn't make me happy :D

it is really hard to get up and excercise every morning but I sure feel so much better afterwards. Plus being in shape helps me keep up with my now 7 year old. She makes me happy! :cool:

however the fair is in town next week, my rule is we eat whatever we want to eat at the fair as long as it is very unhealthy LOL but my daughter knows that is why she looks forward to the fair, it's all fair game and mommy doesn't say anything : ) if we ate like that every day, what would there be to look forward to at times like that? :lol:


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At the risk of sounding like an info-mercial, the key is moderation.

I refuse to deprive myself of delicious food, dripping in forbidden calories because I might gain a pound. That is no way to live, and how depressing if we all did that. If I crave something, I eat it, just not to the point that I'm stuffed and could double as a flotation device. I also exercise on a regular basis, but this is something that I truly enjoy doing; I love the feeling of satisfaction that stays with me for many hours after a good run.:nod:


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I think being happy is being more important than diet because you are what you are. Being confident and comfortable with yourself no matter what your diet is what's it's all about.


Heavy Weapons Guy
I always laugh when I see those commercials on tv about weight loss. None of them really work or if they do they are way to expensive. To lose weight you should eat better and exercise. But of course everybody gets to make up their own minds about what makes them happy. Being in shape makes me happy.