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Didn't realize how widely used Java was!


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I was installing a Java earlier just now and was reading the notes it displays during the install process and read something interesting.

You are installing Java. Java is found everywhere - on mobile phones, desktop computers, Blu-ray Disc players, set top boxes, and even in your car.
I knew if was big but I didn't realize it was used in CARS. Where else is Java used that most people might not be aware of? Anyone know?


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great ! :sigh: that's why my heater broke down!

stupid java :D


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Java is used on a lot of applications. I know that at least one of the games on my cell phone is written in java. Probably many of them are written as java applets because they only need a browser to run them and it makes them much easier to run. Where as with java itself you have to have the JRE (Java Run-Time Environment) in order for java programs to work.

Plus with Java been an exclusively OO (Object-Oriented) language, to create objects in java to represent real world objects.
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Would you ever imagine there is a language of everyone ?
Would you ever feel exhausted when you you code at your PC at home, and need to copy and paste code (or sometime need to re-code) when you use MAC at work ?
Would you ever thought of the flexibility of a language which everyone know and supported by many environments Window, RedHat, Solaris, ...etc. ?
That is really Java.
Java is an independent language. But it is not magic that a language can run on many different platforms. However Java can be up and running unless there is a JVM ( Java Virtual Machine ) installed on a device or system.
That is only one of the advanced features of Java.



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As i know,many cellphone development use j2me,so that's not strange to say java is widely employed.