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Did your parents understand Manga?


Ms. Malone
I've been flicking through the internet, reading lots of sites, and I was surprised to find how many 16+ year old's parents weren't concerned about them reading Manga when they were younger teens; compared to now where 13 year old's have their parents leafing through the pages without fully understanding it and being horrified by the content.

I've been looking through these sites because my Manga Club's sponsor met a woman who checked her daughter's Manga before buying it, and seemed reluctant to let her join the club; after hearing this, I opened my mouth and said I'd like to do an open meeting for Parents so they can understand it all, y'know, thinking big and not expecting anything to come of it.


My sponsor agreed with the idea and I will be doing a presentation after x-mas.

With this in mind, I was wondering if anyone here had their Parents ask them questions about Manga and Anime? If so, what kind of questions were they?