Movies Did you see Back to the Future 3? Good, let me ruin it for you


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I can't view the video at work, but I enjoyed the movie, obviously it's nothing compared to the first one and especially the second one. But I liked it, but that's because I've a huge Michael J Fox fan and a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy.


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Ah, is that real or photoshopped? That's a pretty good pick up if that is real.

Speaking of mistakes in the movies, I was watching American Pie: The Beta house the other night and when Cooze was walking into the room of Erik like at the beginning when that fat bitch was chocking, he drops the box, different cut and he drops the box again. I was proud :D
What the hell! That is so creepy. His facial expression says it all too, haha.

That is a seriously good catch. You have to wonder about the person who first saw it though. :hah: