Did You Like PE/Gym?


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New research in Britain shows that a lot of people didn't-or don't-like PE/Gym class.

'PE ruins our schooldays' | The Sun |News

What about you? Did you like PE and why?

I didn't; all we ever did was play netball and rounders most of the year-and i didn't like my teachers either, one was biased cause she was a tutor to some of the girls and the other was the one that always made us play rounders.

We had to play outside in the cold too-usually rounders or hockey.

I found ways to get out of PE, i'd forge notes saying my knee hurt too much, that i left my kit at my dads or the good old stomach ache excuse! :lol:


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when I was in highschool I liked pe. or rather playing football that we used to do during all lessons we'd had. our teacher didn't really care about us (except first few lessons when we gained marks needed to grade us) so perhaps I don't even know what is it like to do real gym during pe lessons. Maybe I'm lucky :)
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I really really hated PE when I was at school. It was the worst subject along side maths and science for me.

I hated having to get changed infront of everyone else and having to go for a shower afterwards. The actual activities that we did were alright. We did basketball, rounders, keep fit, football, badmintion, tennis and swimming which was the worst out of the whole lot and some other stuff that I cant remember. I finally got to drop it when i went into 5th year of secondry school (year 12).


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I loved Gym class, I don't think this should be that surprising to people since I am a huge sports nut. I took every year, I especially liked it when we played basketball and baseball. I did wrestling in Gym class one year, that was pretty entertaining as well.


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Well, I didn't take PE because I played sports all year long, football in the Fall, basketball in the Fall and Winter, and baseball in the Spring. I never took a PE class after elementary school. I took athletics instead and yes, I enjoyed it very much.

BTW, what's rounders?


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It depended what sport we were playing. I absolutely loved rounders, and I liked badminton, hockey and football, but anything else I used to forge notes from my parents saying i'd hurt my knee/ankle/shoulder or was too sick to play. I especially hated Rugby, Netball and Basketball, mainly because I sucked at them.

EDIT; Actually, the worst activity would have to have been the dance unit we had to do. What made it even worse was we had to perform it in front of the entire year.
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We had PE with sports like volleyball, rounders, rugby, hockey and netball for an hour once a week. My only compliant was there was never enough time to change, walk to the field, get organized and play all in one hour.


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I actually hated PE. I hated all sorts of gym classes. Not because I didn't like exercising, but because I didn't like playing most of the games and sports we had to play.


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I loved PE, it was a good opportunity to do something active and fun for once in school.

My favorite parts of the class were badminton, team handball and volleyball (I owned at both of them), I was most recently in a class with 10 people in it so we had a lot of fun especially with sports with smaller amounts of people required, one kid had this serious ego problem and I destroyed in sports him just for fun. :D