"Did You Know?"

Did you know:

o-- Hornswoggle and Alicia Fox are the same weight.
o-- Hornswoggle is 9 pounds less than Michelle McCool.
o-- I'm 21 pounds heavier than Hornswoggle.
o-- Hornswoggle isn't actually from Dublin, he is from Washington state.

(As you can see I've been looking at Hornswoggle Wikipedia) :D

Whoa... I know it's completely useless information, but for some reason I found it fascinating. Haha

Do any of you wrestling fanatics have any 'Did you know?' facts that the rest of us might no know about? Doesn't have to be about Hornswoggle, just wrestling in general.
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The Rock is cooking atm..
I'm sure there's a few that are obvious to us already, just thinking what ones some of us might not know.

Ummm...The Rock started out with the ring name "Flex Kavana" upon his debut in professional wrestling.

That's all for now I guess lol.