Atari Did you have the original pacman? (for atari)


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Alright i never had the original pacman for atari but from what I hear it was the best game of it's time.

YouTube - Atari - Pacman

Did you have it?

I think that there were a few different versions though.

So did anybody have this game?


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I have it but i didn't plyed it for years.It was a great game and it was one of first games that had AI(Artiffical Intelligence)


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I remember my sister somehow after literally hours of playing it she got the little man to go back and forth in between the end of the screen automatically so she could go take a break and then come back to it to finish playing. She died soon after that though.

I always like Pitfall.


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I was thinking consoles. You're right but the original arcade version wasn't any better than this.