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Did you go to pre-school?

Did you go to PK?

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I know a lot of people that went to pre-school and a lot that never went.

Did you go to pre-school? (also termed "pre-kindergarten")

Personally, no I did not go to pre-school. I had a lot of fun hanging out at home instead. I guess that's good because I misbehaved pretty heavily when I was in kindergarten a year later :lol:. I'm not sure if I would have been ready for pre-school.

Did you go to pre-school?


Sally Twit
I guess that's the same as Nursery here. Yeah, I did go. My parents worked full time so it was the only option. I used to love it and I made heaps of friends.


Better Call Saul
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Yep, I went to two years of preschool before I went to Kindergarten.

I don't remember too much of what went on haha


I'm serious
I get so confused with American terminology of the school system. Kindergarten is before school, right? So before 1st grade? If that's the case, I went to kindergarten. I didn't go to anything before kindergarten, so I guess I didn't go to preschool? Kindergarten here is from the age of 4/5 to 7. You go to first grade at the age of 7.


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I started off in Sunday school then went to Pre-K and Kindergarten. There wasn't Head Start when I was a child.


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I went to playschool, it was every weekday morning in the hall of the primary school. Back in those days (late 80s) it was the sort of set-up that was run by Mums (including mine). All I can remember is that we used to play all morning, one day we made molds of our hands to paint and take home, no idea why I remember that.


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Yep, that's nursery here -
I remember it fondly... they had a train set, a pool bucket thing and some building blocks and books and milk and biscuits and loads of other cool stuff - Needless to say it was great...

I also like to think it sparked my desire to learn early on. As soon as I clocked the numbered coat hooks with pictures of animals and umbrellas and stuff I was hooked.


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I started school overseas and they sent us straight to the first grade so no. In a way, thank god because it would mean an extra year of school!


Nope. I skipped all that shit. Went straight to Kindergarten. I then terrorized my teachers for the next 12 years. Haha. Good times.