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Discuss Did you behave?


Sally Twit
When you were in school, were you always on your best behaviour or did you get in trouble a fair bit?

It was sort of a mix for me. In the early school days I would daydream a lot. I would stare off in to space and numerous teachers would shout or throw a book on my desk to get my attention.
When I was in high school I would talk and giggle a lot. I would always be having a laugh with my friends or we'd be writing notes to each other.
In the last couple of years of school I tried harder and would do the best I could to concentrate.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wouldn't say I was a trouble maker or anything of that nature, but I did get "yelled" by the teach quite often, mostly because I never paid attention to what he or she was saying. I always had my head turned to talk to the person that was sitting behind me.

Looking back, I regret not paying more attention in class.


Son of Liberty
I would get into trouble from time to time, but mostly from just being a class clown, not a bad kid or anything.


No Custom Title Exists
From Grade 4 to Year 9, I was a trouble child, always getting in trouble but there are times where the teacher just asks for it, I mean, you just can't help but be a smartass. They are annoying and nagging idiots.

After Year 9, I calmed down but still needed to say the last word, I would be a smartass but they all got used to it and tolerated me more.


Registered Member
I always behaved at school, and not because I was a good boy. It was because I was always scared of getting caught, and I've never been one for getting into trouble if I can avoid it.

I remember drawing graffiti on school walls one day. I felt like such a rebel, but when an older student caught me doing this and threatened to tell the principal... well, all thoughts of rebelliousness soon fled the scene! I think she ended up not dobbing me in because I was such a snivelling, weepy little mess at the possibility of punishment that she must have taken pity. Needless to say, I never did anything like that again.


Registered Member
My freshman year of high school, when I lived in Florida, I was in trouble all the time. I couldn't tell you a week that I didn't have some form of detention (usually in-school suspension).

Once I moved back up to Pennsylvania, the only real trouble I got into was my senior year whenever I got suspended for a week for the fight I got into with this bigger kid (he threatened to rape my friends little sister if she didn't have sex with him and started spreading some rumors about others that weren't true). Plus, he use to always pick on little kids because he thought because he was big that he everyone had to give him the King's Treatment. Knocked him down a notch and that turned into a week's suspension and a court hearing.

Other then that, I'd get a Saturday Detention here and there for being the class clown. I actually think it was because I'm black.


Registered Member
I wouldn't say I misbehave but I'm really lazy which will get me a detention on the odd occasion. Hopefully since I'm doing my final year of high school this year I will try a little harder.


Certified Shitlord
I only ever got in trouble thanks to missing homework. Other than that I was well behaved. I was pretty shy and not an outspoken kid so that didn't exactly make me a lightning rod for trouble.


I used to get into trouble for not doing my work but that's it. I was pretty lazy and often didn't do my homework. Apart from not having homework done though I've always been the type to follow rules.