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Did the Obama release classified info to Hollywood?


rainbow 11!
I mean, they tell hollywood and do they expect the information to stay a secret? wow. It's classified for a reason... I wonder what repercussions there will be if it turns out the allegations are true.


Creeping On You
Something tells me that a lot of money exchanged hands at the same time this information changed hands. I mean, I guess it's better the info comes straight from the source, so that nothing false gets said, but frankly, if it's classified, it should stay classified.


Haters gonna hate.
I don't even believe this even happened. It is way too soon for this to be taking place. Now if this is a documentary, then I can maybe accept it (despite how stupid it would be logistic-wise and strategy-wise)... but if it is a full Hollywood movie with actors, then I can't. Too soon.

And by the end of the year? C'mon. We would have heard more about it by now. I frankly don't believe it.


Registered Member
Did we hear more about the Gunwalker operation at the start? Did we hear more about the pedophile epidemic in Hollywood?
The first one was totally blacked out of the mainstream media for what, 2 years? The second one isn't even in the mainstream media and there's already investigations underway and 3 arrests.

My question is why are so many incredible (and very real) things being ignored by the mainstream media?
Classified information should never be leaked and especially by the president. Nobody - especially Hollywood - should have the right to endanger future operations like that.