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Did Nancy Grace cause Anthony verdict?


Lion Rampant
In fairly compelling fashion, Detroit Free Press writer Brian Dickerson puts together an argument that the media attention focused on the one murder case among hundreds just like it by TV's Nancy Grace may have created the conditions under which a high-power lawyering team, like the one that got her off, would be willing to take the case. Myself, I do think it could have some merit.

A short read: Did Nancy Grace assure Tot Mom Casey Anthony’s acquittal? freep.com


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It possibly could. After all, thousands of children go missing every year and many are murdered, and yet, this story got top billing as far as news media.
But I like Nancy Grace, a lot of people don't.
I also think Casey Anthony is a bitch and she is indeed guilty, of something sinister, and I was very disappointed in the verdict. But that's just my opinion.


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Opinions set aside, I don't believe she was the cause, truth be told, there were at least 3-4 top programs that over viewed the case and pretty much bashed Anthony during the whole 3 year process. Not only Nancy Grace, but there was another guy who had Judge Alex on his show, along with a brunette woman who similarly looks like Nancy (or at least had the same attitude as her). One woman's overly ambitious opinions along with others like her couldn't sway the jury even if she tried. All the jurors are blocked off from outside sources, including related television and internet, along with phone access completely limited and/or denied during high profile cases.