Did Jesus really exist?


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I totally apologise if this offends anyone as i know we have plenty of members that have there religious beliefs.
I myself dont really have any to be honest, and this question just occured to me.
Was Jesus real person?

Does it really matter? :confused:


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Jesus, from what we can tell (seeing as there is no remains), was a real person and one with great messages. I think the controlling body of modern Christianity prefers him to be more of a legend than a real person in the minds of followers though. It's his messages that got distorted and abused that created modern Christianity.


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The question of Jesus' actual existence is one that I have been pondering. I can doubt his actual existence there is little non-theological evidence of his physical existence on earth.

Only four non-biblical sources cite Jesus from a historical perspective. And even then 2 of those souces only mention him in perhaps one or 2 lines while the others descriptions are bit vague. I would think if a man was doing miracles and causing such a stir with the Roman and Jewish community there would be more people writing about him. The Bible I can't recognize as a historical source it's just a religious source.


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I thought about this for a long time. and this is what I think:

did he exist:


Did he do everything that people say he's done:

probably NOT. Its impossible for him to do all of those things.


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There has never EVER been anything to prove the Bible wrong remember that before reading this post, never has anything been proven wrong only right, and there are people that try and prove it wrong.

Archeology really makes a point at this. Things have been found that are talked about in the Bible that have no explanation at all. Take all of that stuff that was found at the bottom of the red sea, how in the world are you going to get a chariot in the middle of the red sea and only on a certain stretch of the sea floor not everywhere just in a straight line leading from one side to the other.

The Bible has many things that prove that it's true so why would it be wrong about Jesus ever once has anything in the Bible ever been proven wrong, places are still called what they are called today the same countries exist a couple thousand years after the writing of the Bible was finished.

According to The Bible Jesus went to all of these real places.