Question Did Humans Walk With the Dinosaurs?

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    This has been on my mind for awhile, and me and brother got in a huge debate over this yesterday. We were taught in school that the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago and that the Earth is 2.4 billion years old. I really find these things hard to believe. How do scientist really know this? I know we have tools like carbon dating and stuff like that, but who came up with it, developed it, and programmed these machines and computers to help us answer these question? The reason why I ask these questions is that there is more and more evidence that the dinosaurs aren't as old as we make them out to be. There are cave paintings of pictures of dinosaurs. About 4000 years ago man drew what they saw, so how can they accurately draw a stegasaurus? These drawings and paintings are found all araound the world.




    These photos are quite obvious that man knew about the existance of dinosaurs and the only way man knew about dinosaurs was because they lived with the dinosaurs. Between 4,000 - 6,000 years ago our lands were supposedly sort of one land mass, and animals and humans lived a longer life than we do now. Unlike humans, reptiles continue to grow until they died. So if you have a baby stegasaurus that survives for 200 years, that animal would be huge at the time of it's death.

    Also scientist have been caught destroying evidence like these, and fossilized footprints that proves that man and dinosaur walked this Earth together.
    That just makes me sick. Scientist are supposed to find and search for the truth, and not destroy evidence. Obvisouly the reason behind this is to protect science 'facts'. This type of evidence disproves the theory of evolution and everything that we know about dinosaurs.
    Did Man Walk With Dinosaurs

    I am trying my best to not start a religious debate on this and the link I provided is from a religious site but doesn't use any religious context. What do you think? Do you think dinosaurs could of acutally existed only 6000 years ago, or do you believe what we have already been taught? Discuss.
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    I'm sure some scientist are unscrupulous just like anyone else but I feel most dinosaurs were extinct by the time man came along. The reason I say most is because there are several species of animals that were around during the time of the dinosaurs that are still here. Science isn't perfect and it keeps evolving with new technology and I'm sure some day we will discover we were wrong about many things.

    I do believe the earth is as old as the scientists think it is. But they could find a large dinosaur survived at some point. Then again those footprints of the dinosaurs the man could of been made at different time periods. I wish they hadn't destroyed them.

    Here's a link that talks about extinction of the dinosaurs and other life at different time periods.

    Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event..Wikipedia
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    We've been through this several years ago and this is one of my favorite topics on GF. Not because of the creation/evolution debate specifically but because this topic was a lightbulb moment for me where I started to question and explore a lot of things that I was sure was true simply because I'd always heard they were true.

    There is a lot of unanswered questions to the common answer of "Did humans walk with dinosaurs?"
    1. How is it possible that dinosaur fossils were found with soft tissue if they are 50+ million years old? T. Rex Soft Tissue Found Preserved
    2. Why does almost every culture have dragon legends that look like modern day dinosaurs?
    3. And in book such as Marco Polo's writings? Marco Polo, the great explorer, recorded seeing dragons while in China or in the 1678 book Mundus Subterraneus: [​IMG]

    There's a lot of history to suggest that man walked with dinosaurs and dinosaurs aren't nearly as extinct as is commonly believed.
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    I think 4.2 billion years is prolly a really close estimate for the age of the Earth. And I have some questions.
    What witnesses saw the footprints being destroyed?
    What evidence do they have that the footprints were being destroyed?

    I think there could be corruption on either side of the issue. And there's still more questions.
    Were the cave paintings done at the same time?
    Is it possible that the paintings are a hoax?

    And if man was living at the same time then what killed all the dinosaurs that didn't kill all the people too?
    How did people even survive living with dinosaurs?

    Btw, animal tissue could be preserved by lots of things. Tree sap, being buried deep enough to stay cold enough to be preserved, and prolly other things.

    Yeah, I think it's possible that some dinosaurs survived the mass extinction. I also think it's possible that people and dinosaurs coulda lived together at the same time. But that still leaves another question.
    Are they human footprints or footprints of an animal that had similar feet?
    Why were only footprints found - where are the fossils of the humans?
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    This webpage has some detailed descriptions and photos of cave paintings, pottery, murals and tapestry from around the world that depict dinosaurs. Most of these were recovered from archaeological digs or have simply been standing for many hundreds of years. Ancient Dinosaur Depictions | Genesis Park

    Biblical history answers that, but I agree with generalblue its possible to discuss the age of dinosaur extinction without getting into religion or creation science.

    They dug up a fully intact T-Rex bone buried in Arizona. The helicopter could not carry it out because of the weight and so they sawed it in half. When they did, it was reported as having a fresh smell. When they got back to the lab, they discovered this:
    That photo is from National Geographic, not a Creation Science magazine.

    I pass on the footprints found in Texas. Its just something I don't know anything about.
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    Is it sad when I saw the T-Rex's tissue, I wondered how good it would taste if cooked. I agree that this dinosaur was not a million years old. Common knowledge can tell you that. You can also bring up the large skeletons and creatures that have been washed up on the California beaches of the years. Not to mention the areas of oceans that have never been explored, we could have dinosaurs still living down there. I believe that iguanas are dinosaurs if you look at the picture below the bone structure of this iguanodon, it has the same bone structure as an iguana. Back then iguanodons live for a long long time, so just imagine an iguana living for 400 years, they would have skeletal structure like down below.

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