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Did Hogan Really Pass the Torch?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I did a bit research for this thread, so lets hope it gets go attention.

Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania 6. It was one of the biggest matches of all time and one that even the biggest Hogan and/or Warrior critics can praise. The one thing that keeps being said is how Hogan passed the torch to Warrior that night. However, did he really? Let's look at the facts, both for and against the claim:

Hogan Passed the Torch

1. Hogan was cleanly pinned which was something that hadn't been seen by the masses since he returned in 1984.

2. Hogan endorsed the new champion by giving the belt and raising his hand.

3. Warrior spent the rest of the year in the main events even over Hogan.

4. Finally, how many wrestlers did Hogan cleanly put over before leaving in 1993? Losing at a Wrestlemania and cleanly is a huge deal.

Hogan Didn't Pass the Torch

1. Hogan stole the spotlight after the match by grabbing the belt and having the camera follow him to the back. It was Warrior's moment to celebrate, yet I remember the scene of Hogan down on his knees asking God "Why?!" and the ride back to the lockerrom on the ring car.

2. Hogan kept being in the main events on PPV. Summerslam was technically a double main event. Possibly the only real reason why Warrior's match was last was because of the time it took to put up a cage back in those days. Survivor Series saw Hogan and Warrior winning the final match together.

3. Hogan was thrust into a full time feud with the biggest heel the company had at the time - Earthquake. Meanwhile, Warrior was thrown back into a feud with Rick Rude. While Earthquake was seen as a guy who Hogan may not be able to beat, everyone had already seen Warrior beat Rude.

4. Warrior didn't do much after the Rude feud. While waiting for the Savage feud to start up, Warrior spent time in six man tags with the Road Warriors against Demolition. Hogan was kept in a hot feud with Earthquake.

5. The kick out. Right before the three count in the match, Hogan tried to kick out. While it does look as if Hogan's shoulders are still on the mat, I can easily see fans not seeing it as a 100% undebatable victory for Warrior.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Quite some interesting facts there and I honestly believe that Hogan did NOT pass the torch for a majority of the above reasons.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Hogan didn't pass the torch because the Warrior flammed out so quickly in 1991 after winning the World Title in 1990.

I mean, he jobbed out clean to Warrior and that was nice but passing the torch? Nah, not really. Hogan was always more over and always was going to be in a limelight.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Agreed completely.

It wouldn't really matter how many people Hogan put over, because quite frankly....he's HULK HOGAN!


Registered Member
hogan never passed the torch...he tried to put the warrior over and he succeed in that...

but pass the torch? I cant agree with that notion...he did nothing of the sort...


The Rock is cooking atm..
Yeah the only real passing of the torch was probably when Stone Cold had to take over as he main face of the company in 97.....