Did HBK ever get in trouble for overselling in the Hogan match at Summerslam?

YouTube - HBK Vs. Hulk Hogan
(had to be the Benny Hill version!!)

Watch the video even if you've seen it before, it's still a classic and will always be remembered.

Anywho, did HBK ever get in trouble with Vince for overselling that match? I know HBK was a big league player, but that wouldn't go unpunished, would it? Curious to see if anybody knows what happened to HBK after the match.


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Shawn does it a lot from what I can recall. It's almost become a trademark for him but I can't really see him getting punished since the WWE seems to love wrestlers that suck at their jobs lately.


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I think that match was so bad because HBK overselled, I doubt he got in trouble, probably Vince told him it was childish to do so, but I doubt he got fined or anything.

But Shawn as always been an overseller in my book, he just took it to the extreme for some reasons in that match.


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I bet Vince was in on it...I doubt he got in trouble. He's one of the best performers in history; I think he's immune anyways.

I thought it was unprofessional but I laughed my ass off.


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I'll be more than willing to bet that Vince was in on it, as Millz said. Hogan is extremely popular with the younger viewers and Vince is trying very hard to cater to them. He probably instructed HBK to over sell the match so Hogan looked even better to the younger fans.
Looks ridiculous. I laughed. Hogan looked pissed for a second, like "cut that shit out". Ha.


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That was pathetic lol...even if it was intentional.

Poor Hogan...it looked like the only way to get Hogan over was for Shawn to oversell a shit ton lol...