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PlayStation 1 Did anyone play Shipwreckers?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. I had a game calles Shipwreckers way back when...I loved to play it.
It was half RPG and half Platform scroller.The graphics were real good and so was the plot..It was fun to get into it with other ships and to sack all the ports you could. :lol:
Man it was a great game till someone swiped it:mad: .
I haven't seen one since then..
Now that's a game I would like to see them remake..
Anyone else rember this game or want to get rid of this game?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Yes. You were the crew of a ship trying to sack as many ports as you could and sink as many blockade ships and loot them as you could.
Before they reenforce the ports and ships...

Best of both worlds platform scroller and and RPG all in one..
With loads of extras in the game...Hard to find..But if you do it's a blast to play.