Did anyone here make uo a sport?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Cyclone, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Cyclone

    Cyclone New Member

    Did anyone here make up a sport?

    I did it's called..*HexenBall* It's like baseball.But you have to hit it into the other teams area or goal. and you run to the 1st,2nd,or 3rd goal line.
    It's pretty fun. :lol:
    I;m still the champion!

  2. Sword_Hunter

    Sword_Hunter Registered Member

    Of course your the champ. your the inventor. And no I havn't made up a sport.
  3. Cyclone

    Cyclone New Member

    Well,me and my freinds had the Champions last week.Are team was getting slaghutered first round.and a 9 point come back turned it around

    Here was the score
    The Teams players were

    Red Hexen's

    JohnCrow-1'st Goal Liner
    JoeHunter-2'nd Goal Liner
    ConorHandler-3'rd Goal Luner
    Kevister-Goal Pretecter 1/2
    McDaidster-Goal Pretecter 2/2

    Killer 6's
    Andrew-1'st Goal liner
    Carian-2'nd Goal Liner
    BMAN-3'rd Goal Liner
    Jak-Goal Pretecter 1/2
    Feeniester-Goal Pretecter2/2

    See how it's set up? Really fun,but sad news no Pics.
  4. Sword_Hunter

    Sword_Hunter Registered Member

    i get it now.sounds fun.

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