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PlayStation 2 Did Anyone Ever Play Gitaroo Man?


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I randomly remembered this game today, did anyone else ever play it? I don't think it was that widely known but I loved it. It was a really odd music game that took me over for a short time. I even unlocked the super hard difficulty. I couldn't beat that though :lol:

YouTube - Let's play Gitaroo Man - Stage 2


Haters gonna hate.
I own a japanese import copy of this, actually. I never opened it. The original owner gave to me at a garage sale saying it wasn't worth anything. The copy that I have can go for about $90 right now. Pretty good time to sell.


Haters gonna hate.
Opening it lesses the value by about 80 dollars, plus my PS2 doesn't play japanese imports. Damn. 'Cause I have plenty of imports.