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Did anyone actually watch the Saddleback "debate"?


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I didn't see any of it. I don't personally like Rick Warren for reasons that would be hard to explain. I think Saddleback always treats politicians fairly though. Hillary Clinton was there about a year ago and was very warmly received.

The only thing that caught my eye was an Investors Business Daily editorial:
IBDeditorials.com: Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor's Business Daily -- No Contest
They felt McCain walked away as a clear winner in the contest. From the pieces of the summit that they wrote about I'd have to agree:
The stark differences between the two came through the most on the question of whether there is evil in the world. Obama spoke of evil within America, "in parents who have viciously abused their children." According to the Democrat, we can't really erase evil in the world because "that is God's task." And we have to "have some humility in how we approach the issue of confronting evil." For McCain, with a global war on terror raging, there was no equivocating: We must "defeat" evil. If al-Qaida's placing of suicide vests on mentally-disabled women and then blowing them up by remote control in a Baghdad market isn't evil, he asked: "You have to tell me what is."
On taxes, Obama waxed political: "What I'm trying to do is create a sense of balance and fairness in our tax code." McCain showed an understanding of what drives a free economy: "I don't want to take any money from the rich. I want everybody to get rich. I don't believe in class warfare or redistribution of the wealth."
I know that when you are selling something, you want to stay clear of generalizing and cut to specifics. "Recent upgrades" is a horrible way to sell a house "new wood floors" is much better. From these quotes Obama definitely seems to generalize more than McCain and that's just not good for him.
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I watched it. It was being hyped up all week on various news channels, specifically the new format in which only one candidate would be interviewed at a time, giving neither person the edge when it came to having to answer a question before hearing the other response. I have to say I was impressed with the format. It was fair and made for a very interesting comparison since neither candidate could hear how the other had responded to each question before answering.

I'm sure the entire thing is available on the internet somewhere, or at the very least in pieces on YouTube.

I'd say McCain definitely won based on the applause he received. The audience applauded MCain several times throughout while only applauding Obama a few times. MCain also gave more precise answers as opposed to making generalizations that were aimed at pleasing everybody.