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SEGA Did anybody here actually like the Dreamcast?


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All over the internet I find people hating the Dreamcast. I, for one, think it was a great system. Your opinions?


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I loved it, just as good as the ps2 in my opinion, it was an awesome machine, reminded me of the n64 in many ways.
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I didn't play it much. Just played NBA 2k and Tony Hawk at a friend's house, but it was fun.
I definitely like it and think it's underrated. The VMU's were an awesome idea, and there were a lot of great games. It's too bad that everybody lost faith in Sega by the time they released it, so it ended up dying.


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i loved my DC. VMUs were cool but ate batteries too fast. the controller was pretty slick and simple. had a good amount of exclusive games that i fell in love with. had online play. loaded pretty fast and was pretty quite.

if Sega went back into the market of consoles, i'd most likely support them.


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I don't think there is room for SEGA anymore, they were always a sort of gamers company, wheras the MS and SONY seem to be all about the media, dvds, cd players, processors and such. Nintendo knows they can't compete with that, rather than joining in Nintendo is doing summat drastic to try and come out best. SEGA don't have the balls, the money or the skills to do the same, as awesome as they are.


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I have, and will always love my Dreamcast. I spent many hours with it, and she was hella fun.


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It's ok I guess....I never owned one...My prob was I couldn't hold the controller..It was too small and akward to hold..

The games weren't too bad..


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I love the Dreamcast, I don't have one, but a friend of mine does and our two families would get together and play worms. It wa so awesome.