Movies Diary of the Dead Review (BLOODY SPOILERS!)


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Another zombie film, yet not so typical. After George Romero's previous disappointment "Land of the Dead" I was beginning to wonder when I'd be seeing more blood splatter from him in the future.

For those of you who are unaware, I believe this is becoming the new horror trend: THE HANDYCAM PERSPECTIVE. If you've seen "Cloverfield" you'll know what I'm talking about. The entire movie is shot as a make-shift documentary by teenagers caught in the events that is the very movie you're watching. This along with "Cloverfield" implored this method as well as the upcoming "Quarantine".

So the "Diary of the Dead" is a mockumentary horror film about a group of college students in which one seemingly just can't stop filming. They play with that element demonstrating how people like looking at grotesqueness, violence and disorder. Real footage from news clips and various television broadcasts are used in montage sequences ever emphasizing our voyeurism for chaos. The cut-back and dissolve edits were quite fitting with the VOs.

However, that being said, it got to a point where I was convinced the cameraman (Jason) would have or was going to sacrifice his other arm for the sake of the movie and keep filming. It kept pushing and pushing that everyone just had to watch... specifically through a camera lens. It kept crossing it's own limitations and conformed it's scare tactics into a spectacle that just made me laugh.

A few of the characters got on my nerves. The professor was introduced nicely and came off as a man with a few tricks up his sleeve (which he was). Then I thought Edgar Allen Poe had suddenly risen from the grave as well when he was overly melodramatic and loving the sound of his own voice.

As far as cinematography, there were times when I liked it and there were times where I couldn't see jackshit. Unfortunately the give and takes of using too much natural indoor lighting. However I was fond of the warehouse scene and the zombie hunt for the man down. Classic cut-back editing with arising tension, climaxing with hydrochloric acid.

All in all I wasn't that impressed. The message in the movie is shoved down your throat and having it bitten open (SIDE NOTE: I also noticed that Romero is a big fan of bitten necks and blood-squirting carotid arteries). Most of the characters didn't have too much to offer and the rest had wayyyyy too much to offer.

For me, it's another blood splatter on the wall.

Thoughts? Moans?
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I love all of George A Romero's dead movies, and i really enjoyed this one, it was different, had a different look to the way all of his other movies where made and it made it alot better i feel, im hoping to see more of his work sooner then later.
i know sumone just redid his Day of the dead movie,


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Beyond the fact that the film had zombies--and zombies are awesome--and some fun chuckle-inducing bits of violence/gore, it was "meh" to me.