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Diaries of a Boxer


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Diaries of a Boxer
To be perfectly honest I got the idea of this thread from the other thread ‘diaries of a Pizza man’ but I thought I’d give you some insight onto what Boxers have to do daily!

I wake up roughly at 6:00am and go for a half an hour jog, coming back I jump in the shower and have my breakfast which is usually toast with chopped up bananas spread out across the toast. Later I head out to my daily job which also keeps me fairly active (Fireman).

After my shift ends I head over to the boxing gym rather than going home and relaxing. I begin working the bags and getting ready for my next big fight.
After about two hours of training I head home, scarf down my dinner of brown rice and chicken and begin on my children’s book that I am writing and illustrating (as I love working with children). Then I go to sleep and repeat the entire routine again.

So the idea behind this thread is generally for you to discuss what your daily routine is. If this is in the wrong section or whatever, please do whatever is necessary as I am completely new to this forum and its layout and have no idea on how to navigate my way around.


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Diary of a stay-at-home single mom

I wake up latest at 7am, prepare breakfast and kids for school. Bring them to school, get back then have my breakfast with my baby. Online time: emails, notifs, updates. Pre-lunch chores. Pick up kids. Cook, serve lunch, bring back kids to school. Clean dining and kitchen. Sometimes baby naps, sometimes bring baby to the garderie so I can do admin stuff or gym (before gym closed). Otherwise it's online time. Work (my work is online too). Admin time- calls, bills, letters, appointments. Prepare for and go pick up kids. By the way my daughter goes to a different school than my son. The garderie is also a different place. Serve snack. Grocery time. Playtime. Cooktime. Dinnertime. Cleantime. Homework time. Put kids to bed. Me time.

Every Thursday morning, I chaperone neighbor's kids to school.


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Ouch, sounds like quite an insane routine, in the sense of not having any 'me' time other than in the evenings!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I can sneak to do personal stuff during the day depending on how my kids or behaving or whether they're napping. For example, right now. :lol: I'm done with almost everything (homework came before dinner) and my baby is sleeping while the two others are busy playing together. I can GF and do other stuff -- mostly though it's multitasking. The Me time I get, when they're all sleeping, I love that coz I don't need to worry about other stuff going on.

PS. I'll move your thread to Lifestyle section.


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Diary of a slob:

Get up - sorta
Watch telly
Go to bed

I'm not one of these. I work and am active. Kinda assume some might do this. Actually got a story from a friend at work , in which their partner's regime of the day is to more or less do this. She's pretty sick of him... Anyway.

I'd post the 'diary of a shop worker/author/son/grandson/uncle' but I'm not going to... Because it's booooring... this thread isn't though. Boxers are better than assistant managers.

But I will add, that the routines of a boxer and a single mom sound exhausting. Although. I don't think I'd be too bothered being a single Dad. Because well, (see my Big Kids thread) I'm a Big Kid, and I love kids toys and being able to interact with kid's stuff. They'd entertain me for yonks. Although my other jobs would suffer, so that's a major problem. Actually I retract that bit. It sounds bloody tough, tougher than the boxing stuff. I mean, I'm no bloody good at juggling... You must be very skilled at coping with all that stuff Ysabel, you sound like some sort of super nanny lol. Kudos too you Ysabel, rep coming your way...


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Diary of the unemployed...

Wake up around midday. Shower. Check jobsites. Me time. Cook dinner for everyone. Exercise. Shower. Me time. Sleep time.

Thrilling huh?

Ysabel, I always knew you were constantly busy, but it amazes me how much you fit in your day. Superwoman much?


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Diary of a Sign fitter/father.

Up between 6 to 6:30, the little wrecking ball does not do sleeping in.
Wake up the girls, wash, get dressed fight with kids to get ready for school while their mum sorts breakfast.

7:30 waiting for boss to pick me up, could be anywhere up to half 8 before he shows so fill that time with playtime with the young ones.

Usually finish work between 5 and 7 pm, if it is closer to five I cook dinner for the family, later and I just eat it.
7:30 make sure the kids are washed and teeth brushed, if their mum has not already seen to this part.

Take the wrecking ball to bed, around 7:45.
Finally get him to sleep about 8:10.
Help with the tidying up, generally putting random toys back where they came from.

9:00 Start some down time, either a light work out on the heavy bag(not so much lately) or some Xbox, tv or GF.

Bed is normally between 12 and 1 sleep about 2. ready for it to all start again the next day.Yeah for Insomnia.

Not everyday is as bad as that, the weekends are normally a little slower.


Sally Twit
Diary of an Administrator:
(Weekdays only)

6am - toilet, shower, brush teeth and get dressed

7am - Log on GF or dry my hair if I washed it

7:30am - Make lunch for work and wash the pots

8am - check my hair, put moisturiser on my FACE and make sure everything I need is in my handbag

8:30am - get the bus to work

9am - start work

12pm or 1pm - have lunch

2pm - back to work

5:30pm - leave work and get the bus home

6pm - do whatever I am doing that night (usually GF but sometimes I go out)

11pm - bed