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Lesotho, a South African country, has been digging up quite a few diamonds recently. This diamond in particular is

Huge diamond hailed as record breaker -

it's the 20th largest diamond ever found and the same mine has found 2 diamonds larger than this one. One of them was 603 and the other 493.

though there are diamonds larger than this one this one happens to be D colored, I don't know what that means exactly but it is the best color that you can get in a diamond which probably makes it very expensive. - Giant Diamond Unearthed in Africa May Set Record - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

It could make a 150 carat round cut white diamond. :shocked:
That'd be worth tens of millions of dollars

The stone would dwarf the 105-carat Kohinoor in Great Britain's Crown Jewels. The largest rough diamond found was the Cullinan, in 1905, which weighed 3,106 carats uncut.
3,106 carats? Wow, that's the biggest diamond ever.

I know I'm not really into diamonds but one of my best friends dad does a lot of stuff with them so I know a lot about them, I find this article quite interesting.