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PC Games Diablo II and Diablo II: LoD


Problematic Shitlord
Alright . . . admit it, you've gotten sucked into this game more times than you can fully remember. I'll openly say I just found this and I've become addicted again.

What's your favorite character to use and why? Worst character? Favorite weapon/armor/set? Will Diablo 3 ever be upon us? Discuss!


A grand old classic. I remember playing with my older sisiter all the time. We can't dieing against that big spider. But yeah it's a great game and a legend among all the platforms. I think it started the platform <D


AKA Ass-Bandit
Still haven't played it for over a year or so......maybe I'll try it out again.

Fave character - None
Worst character - None
Fave Weapon/Armor/Set - Gothic Bitter Blood Axe/None/None


I have a level 87 lite player v player Sorceress doing 48k lightning ^^

I spent 40+ sojs (stone of jordans, aka the currency on nonladder) on her alone.

Shes using the following:
Perfect lite escuthas with 4/5 lite die facet
Upped Viper Magi
Griffons with 5/5 lite die facet
Armageddon Fletch Ammy
Arachs Belt
2 Sojs
Spirit Shield
Upped Mage fist gloves
Trek Boots
6/5/3 CTA on back-up setup for BO's (Battle Orders)
9 Lite gcs
Sorc Torch
Anni Small charm
20 lifer small charms

Sorceress's are the easiest character to mold into what you want, but can honestly be extremely expensive if you want to make her a dueler.